Monday, September 1, 2008

Bank Simpanan Nasional Offers Jobs for Eligible Malaysian Indians

Malaysian Indians’ participation in the public service sector has been very low. ‘More opportunities need to be provided to Malaysian Indians in public service agencies and government linked companies and organisations,’ has been a heart cry of the Malaysian Indian Congress.

After all these years and days of request to the government from the Malaysian Indian Congress to increase the number of Malaysian Indians in this sector, and in line with the policy to increase participation of non-Bumiputera stated in the Ninth Malaysia Plan, Bank Simpanan Nasional, a government linked financial institution has opened its doors wide open.

A letter from Bank Simpanan Nasional to Yayasan Strategik Sosial (YSS) states that the bank has taken a favourable decision to increase and develop the saving habit of all communities and to make sure that as far as possible eligible Malaysian Indians are placed in the nationwide branches where there are vacant posts such as officers, assistant officers and clerks. Young Malaysian Indians with Degree, Diploma or SPM Certificate can apply for these posts respectively.

Interested Malaysian Indians with appropriate qualifications can call and go for an interview. You may call the following BSN officers to facilitate this process of interview and also to know further details.

  • Cik Nazuha Abdul Razak - 03-21623222 Ext 3125
  • Cik Noor Suzawati Azhari – 03-21623222 Ext 3130
  • “Once your interview is finalised and your application form has been sent to the bank, the applicants are encouraged to give/send a copy of their application form to Yayasan Strategik Sosial at the following address given. This will enable YSS to monitor the application process,” said Yang Bhg Dato S Sothinathan, who is one of the Vice Presidents of MIC and also a Director in YSS Board of Directors.

    Yaysan Strategik Sosial

    5th Floor, Menara Manickavasagam,

    No 1, Jalan Rahmat,

    50350 Kuala Lumpur.

    “Now is the golden opportunity for the Malaysian Indian community that has been fighting to get access into the public sector. Let us make use of these opportunities fully so that more such opportunities can come our way,” emphatically stated Dato Sothinathan.

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